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El Tigre: Twin Warrior Chronicles

By: Jonathan "ThunderFox JT" Santos

Time for Disclaimer:
This fan fic is fan made story of Nickelodeon's El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, copyrighted by Nick, Mexopolis, and their creators, Jorge E. Guiterrez and Sandra Equihua, so I don't mean to harm them. Some original characters are copyrighted by me, Jonathan Santos. Any trivial reference, cameo, and crossover appearances are copyrighted by their respected owners, so I don't mean to harm them either. I'm only using the characters for my fan fic and make it more interesting. SO PLEASE DON'T SUE ME!!! Thank you for your support.

Chapter 2: Kyubi's Kamen to Town!

  As we left off, there was a new kid who just moved to Miracle City, and his name is JT. He began his new life at Leone Middle School, transferred to Ms. Hupita's classroom and caught attention of Manny and Frida, including everyone else after witnessing his outlandish, quick-footing, wily bout against one of the school's local punks. At first Manny and Frida thought they could use him for their own selfish gain, but after a day of thrill-seeking merriment and meal wolfing, he became part of the MannyxFrida team. But little did those two know JT holds a secret, a dark secret that will change their lives forever. At that very night, a new teenage vigilante arose from the Santos Household; sending a message to those who attack the weak and helpless, and plunder for their own greed that their days will soon be over.

  The next morning, JT was dropped to school by his mom in her wine red SUV. With a loving kiss and hug, she waved her son goodbye as she drove off to work At Miracle City General Hospital. JT waved back and shouted "Good Luck" on the next surgery with construction worker having a large pipe shoved between his ears during a crane accident. But then the cheerful smile turned to a tired bagged expression due to lack of sleep from his "first night" in town.

JT (yawns): Man, what a night. Remind me not to do that again on a school night.

  He took a slow and steady pace toward the school's front door entrance, but noticed some of the kids coming in were gossiping. As he went inside, he was surprised to see all the other kids were whispering to each other like a babbling brook. All he could hear were some phrases such as: "have you heard about the…", "I hear the new superhero is…", "Did that guy really did that?", "Word, and I also heard…" The constant rumors were endless, but JT smiled cunningly, knowing that the rumors were about his "dark little secret". Blinded by his self-praise, he didn't realize Frida was right in front of him and gave her usual optimistic greeting, along with Manny.

Frida: HEY JT!

JT: (surprised): KYAH!

  He jumped frantically to the ceiling, clinging like a freaked out scaredy cat.

JT: Frida! Hijole, I thought I told you not to scare me like that!

Frida: Sorry, I couldn't resist. Dude, you look tired, what you did last night? Have you been fighting bed ninjas.

JT: Not really, just some thugs… I mean bugs, that's it, bedbugs, never thought Miracle City had a major bug infestation.

Frida: Word, who can blame ya'? I hear cockroaches swarming in cafeteria storage room. But the lunch lady said it was just rats, that big fat liar.

Manny: Hey, JT, have you heard the news?

JT (jumps down): No, I just got here, what's all the gossiping about?

Frida: Haven't you heard? Everybody's talking about some new teen superhero coming out of nowhere? Look!

  Frida pulled out a "Leone News" school newspaper and showed it to JT. On the front page shows an amateur photo shot of a mysterious two tailed stranger jumping from the roof tops of Miracle City. Written in black n' white was the Cover story title; "Mysterious Masked vigilante from the East Strikes down Miracle City's Crime: Hero or Menace?"

JT: Who writes this stuff?  What makes whoever thinks this one is from the East?
Frida: Only the daughter of The Chief of Police of MCPD found scoop like that, <*points herself*> and you're looking at her.

  From what I've heard from my dad, last night, he was just finished "interrogating" El Oso's cellmates on his next heist. And boy, did they tell EVERYTHING.

Chief Suarez (coming out of the interrogation room with stubby knuckles): Thank you for your cooperation, and next time I won't be so easy on you, punks.
MCPD officer: Chief Suarez, there's a delivery for you outside.

Chief Suarez: Not now, officer, can't you see I'm busy; I need to wash my fists from the filth of those criminals.

MCPD officer: But Chief Suarez, you must come and look at this.

Chief Suarez: Grrr, alright, but this has better be important.

MCDP Office: Oh, it is VERY IMPORTANT.

  As my dad and the other units went outside the police station, there he was, a shadowy figure with two tails, wrapped in a huge cloak like scarf, scurried off into the night and left them a huge net of criminals, even El Oso and his thugs, all wrapped up like the catch of the day.

Chief Suarez: Impossible, how could someone apprehend El Oso and those crooks before us, and in one night?

  Then he noticed a strange looking message on the bag and picked it up. It looked like a Japanese scroll. He opened it up, and all it was written on was just some mish mash Japanese kanji.

Chief Suarez: What sort of chicken scratch is this?

  But then the kanji suddenly turned into English words, revealing the message:

I am he named with "nine".

But I bare two which I'm fine.

I fight as a feral.

A hero who's herald.

A being who's power is divine.

Chief Suarez: Whoever this amateur is does enjoy poetic justice.

MCPD officer: I agree, writing a limerick into a riddle is very composing.

Chief Suarez: Who asked you, officer?

MCPD officer: Sorry, Chief Suarez.

  Then he grabbed El Oso by the collar, and looked him straight in the eye and said:

Chief Suarez: El Oso, who is this mysterious stranger who assaulted you? Tell me!

El Oso: I don't know, man, I swear! Just when I was about to make my getaway with my posse, he went like Houdini on us, like splitting into a hundred guys, man.

Chief Suarez (glared into the night): Hmmm, looks like we got ourselves another loose cannon.

  Nobody knows who the new guy is, but I bet they ain't seen the last of him.


JT: Wow! That's sound cool. Seems like this new vigilante wants to follow El Tigre's super heroics if you ask me, or is it villainy?

Manny: Yeah, I know, I'm still undecided after what I've been through after that whole family therapy incident last month.

Frida: Yeah, not to mention that "wild n' crazy" moment we had. Remember?
<*wink*> <*nudge*>

Manny: Frida! That was unexpected, and I thought you still hate that luvy-dubby stuff.

JT: Eh? Whatcha talking about?

Manny: Forget it!

  Then school bell rang, all the kids disappointed of ending their chit-chat so soon and rushed back to their proper home classrooms.

JT: Well, that's the bell, let's be on our way, I'm sure we'll talk more about it during lunch.

Manny: Whatever, let's go Frida.

Frida: 'kay, Manny.

  As the trio walked back to their classroom, lurking in the hallway shadows was none other than devious Latina Goth, Zoe Avez. Usually she shows up with her dark mean look, but instead she shed tears of despair with her black masquera running.

Zoe: Manny, why have you succumb to that wretched intolerant tramp!


  Ever since that faithful day of your so-called "therapy", the Flock of Fury finally had revenge against the Riveras without their mystic artifacts of power, but moped in our awkward single life. Just when we and all the other super villains enjoyed our Rivera-free moment, they regained their artifacts and attacked all of us with Mal Verde, plunging us into the Miracle City Volcano and suffered a crushing 30 degree burned defeat.

   But worst of all, the pain I suffered was not from my body, but from my own heart, forced to witness that incompetent Frida Suarez stealing the kiss from the love of my life, and shattering my heart to a million pieces. Since then, I could never sleep peacefully, when I close my eyes, all I could see is Frida and El Tigre, antagonizing me with their sick embrace and distasteful kissing. I almost drove myself to madness, wrecking my room, shattering my mementos of El Tigre, and blasting my stalked pictures of him for target practice.

Zoe: Manny, tu eres un malvado broncudo!

  Infuriated by her heartbreak, she ripped her necklace baring the lugnut from their villainous date.  As soon she raised her hand and about to toss it to the ground, she paused for a moment and lowered it, gripping it tightly in her hand.
Zoe: No, I can't! I will not believe this. I will have my revenge, and reclaim my beloved Manny!  VENDETTA!

  But then someone tapped her shoulder and coughed, she turned around and noticed it was a nerdy hall monitor.

Nerdy Hall Monitor: Excuse me, but where's your hall pass? It's already 1st period and yelling by yourself is not allowed during this time.

  Rather than admitting her school delinquency, she punched him in the face, and knocked him all the way to a locker, and shutting himself in. She grunted with irritation and left.

  Periods later, it was lunch time, Manny and Frida were listening to JT telling his early years in Puerto Rico, from his family visits with relatives in the mountain country sides to his fun filled vacations in San Juan.

  JT: Of all the memorable times I had at Puerto Rico, there still my annoying ones, like my family drive to Aibonito, after arriving town, my dad always drive up the mountain road,  moving up left and right from the tight curves, and he makes those "whooshing" sounds on purpose.

Manny: Really, how come?

JT: Just to make me and my brother carsick, we upchucked out the back seat windows, leaving a slimy trail of our lost lunch.

Frida: Whoa, JT, that was totally gross. You dad must've enjoyed it.

JT: You better believe it he did. Other than managing industrial sized power generators, he just loves to push our buttons.

Frida: Just like me, I push Manny's buttons, and he does whatever I want.

Manny: <*sighs*> It's true.

JT: Heh-heh, man, you two lovebirds are hilarious.

Manny & Frida (unison): Say what?

JT: Oh nothing.

The three misfits laughed about until a large thud exploded the lunch room.
JT: What in Blue Streak was that?

   A white suited figure slammed out of the cafeteria, it was none other than White Pantera being awed by the kids.

JT (surprised): White Pantera?

Manny: Dad? What are you doing here?

White Pantera (pointing at Manny): No time for questions, mijo, but I need you right now!

Manny: What for? Straighten your huge portrait of mom?

White Pantera: Well, yes, but that's not important! There has been a distress call that the Flock of Fury is raiding Miracle City's Annual Flea Market Festival. But this time, I cannot do this alone; will you join me in my epic battle against evil?

Manny: boy would I, but what about the rest of my class periods?

White Pantera: As much as I dislike seeing you lack from educational values, but I've taking care of it, I dropped a notice of absence to the school front office.

Manny: Awesome, I get to leave school early, and without using a lame excuse or counterfeit parent's note too.

  Overhearing their dramatic conversation, JT smiled secretly.

Manny: Okay, let's do this.

  Manny spun his belt buckle and transformed into El Tigre, giving out his trademark roar.

El Tigre: EL TIGRE! Is ready for anything!

White Pantera (pointing out): At a boy, mijo, Rivera father and son, onward!

  White Pantera and El Tigre jump out of the open cafeteria window dramatically, leaving Frida and JT behind.

Frida: Hey! Wait up! At least let me pass out my counterfeit notes first. So how about it, JT? Like to see them in action, I got spares.

  Frida showed JT her backpack full of fake notes written with various lame excuses; sick, blindness, explosive diarrhea, mute, police report, etc.

JT: Yeah, that would be cool beans!

  But then JT's stomach started to growl and bubble unpleasantly, irritating from the inside.

JT (holding his stomach): speaking of beans, I'll set this one out. I think the lunch lady's re-fried burritos are coming back to haunt me. CURSE YOU CAFETERIA FOOD!

  JT runs out of the cafeteria to find the little muchacho's room.

Frida: Oh well, more action for me then.

  Meanwhile, at the Miracle City's annual Flea Market Festival, people panic and scatter about as the notorious avian family, The Flock of Fury, continued their path of plunder and destruction. One-by-one, each of them robbed every stand they can find. Black Cuervo lifted a hand full of expensive designer fashions from Ms. Trajita's Retro Fashion shop. Voltura smashed glass cases bearing the finest jewelry and rare metals from Joyeria Jose's Jewelry thrift and boutique. Lastly, Lady Gobbler used her high-tech cane as a vacuum machine to suck up all the priceless coins and old currencies from Grandpapi Peso's antiques and collectables. Those menacing vixens gathered all their swag into one pile, getting ready to make their getaway.

Voltura: I just love Flea Markets; everything we always want is a "steal", ha-ha-ha!

Black Cuervo: I totally agree, mom, I just love shopping with the family.

Lady Gobbler: That's enough shopping for one day; we better get out of here quick before the Policia shows up.

White Pantera: I beg to differ!

  They turned around and saw White Pantera and El Tigre showing up in the nick of time.

The Flock of Fury (unison): White Pantera and El Tigre!

White Pantera: unhand those valuables; it's unwise to take them from the honest and thrifty citizens of Miracle City without paying on their annual moment of selling their belongings for an honest pay.

Voltura: Like in a Puerco's ojo we will. I've been meaning to get you back from our last battle, the humiliation we suffered from being stuck to Mal Verde and burned from the Miracle City Volcano, and it was intolerable.

Black Cuervo: Especially you, El Tigre, the sight of you kissing that goggle head girl made my skin crawl.

El Tigre: Uh, yeah, about that, it was Frida; she took advantage, not me.

With scared notice, El Tigre ducked from Black Cuervo's warning shot.

El Tigre (nervous): Eh-heh, I can see you're not taking this lightly.

Black Cuervo: Silence! I had enough of your lame excuses, if I can't take my hatred on her, then I'm going to take it on you!

Lady Gobbler: Enough talk, let's fight!

  The three temptresses lunged toward our unlikely heroes desperately. "VENDETTA!" shouted the Flock of Fury with full rage.

White Pantera: Rivera men, al ataque!

  White Pantera and El Tigre lunged at them as well, thus began a brawling collision. White Pantera and Voltura exchanged attacks to each other, skipping and flipping from one booth to another. Then Voltura got her wrist lasers aim at White Pantera, with a Gatling floury of beams, and then White Pantera performed his Pantera Bando, dodging every beam, and lucky he was right by Hector Reflector's Mirror stand, grabbed one of the mirror and reflected the rest of the beams back to Voltura. The reflected beams almost singed her wings, she was mad that it even almost ruined her manicure.

  As for El Tigre, he tries to manage against Black Cuervo and Lady Gobbler on his own. The two black birdies continued to shoot him down from the sky as El Tigre ran around the Flea Market, trying not to get hit. Then he extends his retractable claw toward a lamp post, swinging around them and knocked down Lady Gobbler of her jetpack and into Captain Ron's Yacht and Fishing supplies. With the turkey had down, that leaves the exciting rematch of El Tigre VS Black Cuervo.

Black Cuervo: Who needs her, I can take care of you myself.

  Black Cuervo swooped down at El Tigre with a drop kick, then came slashing about with her talons at him.

El Tigre (dodging): Black Cuervo, you gotta believe me, it happened so sudden. I hope you're still not mad about that whole "dating to use you" mishap.

Black Cuervo: Mad, I'm more than just mad… I'M FURIOUS! That rouse you did long ago is nothing compared to my broken heart! Now I will break yours, even if it means dissecting it from your cold dead body!

  Her last strike nearly had him and tore part of his costume. "Dang!" muttered El Tigre and he ran off like the dickens. Then both Rivera's ran to each without realizing, when suddenly, a huge fishing net swooped down and trapped them. Lady Gobbler recovered her jetpack and used her cane as a knitter, knitted around them to tie them up.

Lady Gobbler: Mala suerte, niño. It was fortunate for me to land into Captain Ron's Yacht and Fishing supplies.

El Tigre (struggling): Can't move, too tight.

Lady Gobbler: Fat chance, my knitting is the best in Miracle City, I never miss a stitch. The more you move, the tighter it gets.

White Pantera: You won't get away with this, Flock of Fury.

Voltura: Who says we're getting away, we end this now!

  The Flock of Fury gathered together and assembled their weapons to create their trademark ultimate weapon, The Fury Cannon, with Black Cuervo manning the cannon again. White Pantera and El Tigre tried to struggle their way out, but thanks to Lady Gobbler's knitting, it grew tighter than ever as the cannon finally locked onto them.

Lady gobbler: At last!

Voltura: Revenge is ours!

El Tigre: Can't we talk about this, Black Cuervo? At least start over… as friends?
Black Cuervo: You had your chance! Goodbye El Tigre… For the last time! Ha-hah-ha!

  Out of the blue, Frida arrived with some churros to enjoy the view of their fight.

Frida: Sorry I'm late, had to stop by for some churros, what I missed?

She then noticed El Tigre and White Pantera trapped in the clutches of the Flock of Fury.

Frida: Oh, tough call!

  Is this really the end of El Tigre and White Pantera? But what's this? AS the Flock of Fury continued with their maniacal laughter of glee, a mysterious dark figure flipped about with acrobatic feats and pulled out a blade out of nowhere, striking the cannon's barrel with one single cut and disappeared, but the barrel is still in tacked. Black Cuervo slowly pulled both triggers, but somewhere, the mysterious figure sheathed his blade making an echoing clicking sound, then the barrel suddenly broke in half.

Black Cuervo: What the…

  The Fury Cannon started to malfunction and exploded, knocking down all three of the Flock of Fury to the ground.

Black Cuervo: Impossible! How our cannon could be destroyed right under our noses.

Mysterious voice (laughing): Hah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hah-ah-a-ha-ha-ha!

Voltura: Ugh, that laughter, that annoying, echoing laughter!

Lady Gobbler: it's giving me a migraine!

  The Flock of Fury, White Pantera, and EL Tigre looked around the Flea Festival, wondering where that annoying laughter is coming from.

Mysterious voice: Foolish temptresses, you think you can pillage this Flea Market and destroy White Pantera and El Tigre? KEH! I think not!

Black Cuervo: Who are you, show yourself!

Mysterious voice: Who am I? WHO AM I? I'll tell you who I am!

Then the sky suddenly darkens by clouds, putting the whole city into darkness. <*cue Disgaea 2 OST – Shinobi Dance*>

Mysterious Voice: I am the assailant that lurks in the shadows, the trickster of the forest who plays his prey. I am the sentai who knows no fear, master of the ancient arts of ninjitsu.

  An unseen spotlight shined over the mysterious figure, standing from a rooftop and cherry blossom petals raining down. All they could see was his back, cloaked in a very large mantle-like red scarf, baring two white tipped gold yellow fox tails below it.

Mysterious Sentai: When there's villains abound and the innocent in peril, I shall answer the call.

  He stomped with one foot and struck a pose followed by a rhythmic beat of a pellet drum, hoping like a Kabuki actor and turned around to face them with open palms.

Mysterious Sentai: And woe to those who tread the path of evil, shall feel the smite of…

  He jumped down from the rooftop and landed safely from such a grand height, showing angle shots of his appearance; a young man with blond hair and whisker marks on his cheeks, and hiding his identity behind a yellow mask with white muzzles and blue headband. He dawns an immense red scarf, skin tight blue ninja garb that looks similar to El Tigre's, a yellow sentai belt with silver buckle, white gloves with yellow wrist/hand guards decorated with silver sockets, and white boots with yellow shin guards.

  The stood up and struck more poses and up to a finishing kata stance.


  Both parties blinked in confusion and stared at him awkwardly from his dramatic entrance.

Kyubi Kamen (scratches his head): Yappari! I overdid it again, didn't I?

  But then the silent broke with hysteric laughter in an old time "Camp down Races" theme, The Flock of Fury face vaulted, White Pantera and El Tigre rolled over, and Frida crying out tears of joy.

Frida: <*snicker*> It hurts, it h-h-hurts!

Black Cuervo: Can't you believe this guy?

Voltura: He's lines are so cheesy.

Lady Gobbler: <*gobble*> I've fallen, and I can't get up!

Kyubi Kamen: Ano? What's so funny?

Voltura: Why you of course!

Black Cuervo: You like some Power Ranger wannabe!

Lady Gobbler: What's with that get up? They kicked you out for being too cute and cuddly?

Kyubi Kamen: Oh, honto? Well, looks who's talking! At least I don't look like some over baring Gatchaman rejects, like you three!

  The laughter broke off with a record scratching and in silence again as the Flock of Fury stood up, infuriated by his witty remark.

Voltura: What did you say?!

Kyubi Kamen: You heard me! You three have no originality with such poor fashion sense, and Swan Jun dresses better than the 3 of you put together!

Voltura: Poor…

Black Cuervo: Fashion…

Lady Gobbler:  SENSE?!

Frida: Ouch! That struck a nerve!

  The Flock of Fury is fully enraged, engulfed in flames of their own anger.
Voltura: How dare you mock our family's traditional fashion?

Lady Gobbler: The sight of the avian species' most deadly creatures has struck fear in the hearts of our enemies.

Kyubi Kamen: Yeah right! As if an old turkey, a hysteric vulture, and a pint sized crow would scare me. Keh!

Black Cuervo: Aye! I had enough of his arrow driving remarks! Forget the Rivera's, ataca el zorro!

  The Flock of Fury lunged at Kyubi Kamen.

Kyubi Kamen: Yosh! Mai ikimasu, baby!

  The sly shinobi performed a high jumped and the Flock of Fury missed. He took initiative and pulled out hands full of Shurikens, throwing them out like a pouring rain of blades. The three dastardly divas scattered away from the throwing stars, and then started shooting at him with their lasers. Just when the lasers drew closer, claws sprung from the silver sockets of one of his hand, and then launched a grappling claw to another lamp post, swung around them like Spiderman. The claw unlatched from the post and retracted back to his wrist, another claw sprung from his other hand and bang them together to get ready for close combat.
Frida: Wow, he got retractable claws just like yours, Manny, except their much cooler and easy to handle.

El Tigre: Meh, if you're in to that sort of thing. Oh, here's a thought, since you're not doing anything, why don't you UNTIE US!

Frida: Okay, okay, sheesh, keep your tights on.

  Kyubi Kamen's tries to deflect the Flock of Fury's attacks, but slowly loses momentum.

Voltura: Give it up, mijo, there's only three of us, and only one of you. You can't win!

Kyubi Kamen: Seems like an unfair fight, doesn't it? But that's what you think!

  He flipped out of their way and stood there using unusual hand signs.


In an instance, two clouds of smoke dispersed and two clones appeared out of them.

Voltura: What?! Three of them?

Lady Gobbler: Not exactly, it's just some stupid ninja trick, they're just merely illusions.

Kyubi Kamen: Care to wager on that, ladies?

  The three masked teenagers split up and chose their on target, leaving the middle one with Black Cuervo.

Kyubi Kamen: Sweet, I was hoping to tango with you, Kurouku Karass-chan.

Black Cuervo: What did you call me?

Black Cuervo shot him, but missed as he jump skipped forward to her, face-to-face.

Kyubi Kamen (smiles optimistically): What, all I said was "Cute Black Cuervo", that's what.

  Black Cuervo blushed from what he said, but she shook it off and readied her talons.

Black Cuervo: Don't you dare call me cute, fox boy.

  She slashed about in rage, but Kyubi easily avoided every attack she throws at him.

Kyubi Kamen: Ah, poor Karass-chan, your temper is your own downfall. But what can I say; you look cuter when you're angry.

Black Cuervo: Stop… calling… me… CUTE!

  After her last attack, it cut him in half, she smiled evilly from that, but then the fox ninja dispersed in smoke, leaving a half torn log in his place. Black Cuervo looked around desperately.

Black Cuervo: Where are you? Show yourself! Nobody calls me cute and gets away with it; only El Tigre can call me cute.

Kyubi Kamen (whispering from behind her): Stealth touch.

Black Cuervo: EEK!

Kyubi Kamen poked her sides. She shrieked, lost focus and fell down.

Black Cuervo: You pervert!

Kyubi Kamen: Gomenasai! Just doing what any ninja do, catching you by surprise.

  Frida is still trying to untie El Tigre and White Pantera, but still no luck.

El Tigre: Frida! What's taking you so long?

Frida: I'm trying, I'm always bad at undoing knitting, and this is what I get for skipping home economics.

White Pantera: You better hurry, Frida! I don't think that masked ninja can hold them out much longer.

  It's true, Voltura and Lady Gobbler thought they had trouble with Kyubi Kamen's shadow clones, but finished them off with a pincer attack. All what's left is the real one toying with Black Cuervo. Just when he continues to avoid her attacks, Voltura and Lady Gobbler sneak attack from behind Black Cuervo, and drop kicked him to a wall.

Kyubi Kamen: Ite! That really hurts!

Voltura: Fool, do you honestly think you can beat us?

Lady Gobbler: Give it up, rookie! It's over!

Kyubi Kamen: Not by a long shot!

  Out from his scarf, he pulled out a ringed blade, which split into four blades, forming a windmill throwing weapon, the Fuuma Shuriken.

Kyubi Kamen: On second thought, let me rephrase that. I will be a long shot.
He spun his sub-weapon with all his might and threw right at them, but sadly, they dodged it so easily.

Black Cuervo: That was it? That's your ace in a hole? You missed.

Kyubi Kamen: Who said I missed? Look behind you!

  As they turned around, they didn't realize that the spinning blade was aiming for El Tigre and White Pantera, cutting away their knitted restraints like a knife through butter and instantly freeing them. Then Fuuma Shuriken came back to its owner and he catches it, retracted the blade into one and stored back into his scarf.

El Tigre: Finally!

White Pantera: We're free!

Kyubi Kamen: Now it's a fair fight.

The Flock of Fury (unison): Uh-oh!

  White Pantera and El Tigre punched Voltura and Lady Gobbler right into Yukon Yak's hunting and trapping surplus, then tossed into an oversized birdcage. Black Cuervo whimpered until he was tapped from behind by Kyubi Kamen to get her attention.

Kyubi Kamen (crying): Karass-chan! Forgive for what I'm about to do. KYUBI UPPERCUT!!!

  He launched a surging uppercut of spiritual energy and sent Black Cuervo flying to the giant birdcage along with her partners.

Kyubi Kamen: I hate to say this to you all, but, now that's what I call "jailbirds", Heh-heh.

  The Flock of Fury moaned from their utter defeat. Later, the cops arrived and sent the Flock of Fury packing to the Patty Wagon to be sent to Miracle City Prison. The townspeople cheered to not just EL Tigre and White Pantera, but also their new hero, Kyubi Kamen. Then came Chief Suarez to congratulate them, though he despises it.

Chief Suarez: White Pantera... El Tigre… Congratulations on saving the Flea Market Festival.

White Pantera: Don't thank us, Chief Suarez; the hero of the day is none other than this young lad… what was your name again?

Kyubi Kamen: Kyubi Kamen's the name and fighting crime is my game! Just your new friendly neighborhood ninja.

Chief Suarez: So, you must be the one behind the El Oso capture.

Kyubi Kamen: Indeed I am, Chief Suarez, just doing my part to make Miracle City a better place to live in.

Chief Suarez: Well, at least you're decent than El Tigre. But I have my eye on you, any chance you cross the line, your off my city, I'll make sure of that.

Kyubi Kamen (optimistic smile): Taken that as a compliment.

Black Cuervo: KYUBI KAMEN!

The turned around facing The Flock of Fury's infuriated state.

Black Cuervo: Don't get to comfortable with your "beginner's luck", fox boy. This will be the last time you ever humiliated us!

Voltura: As soon as we get out of prison.

Lady Gobbler: We will have our revenge!

  Then the patty wagon drove down the road and heading to Miracle City Prison.

The Flock of Fury: VENDETTA!!!
Frida: Dude, you just gotten yourself some arch enemies.

Kyubi Kamen: I know, my optimistic personality is a gift and a curse. Anyone I encounter just think of me as a show off.

El Tigre: Oh, you think?

Chief Suarez: Frida! What are doing here during here? Shouldn't you suppose to be at school?

Frida: uh… hi, papa! I could explain.

But then Frida was grabbed by her dad, plucked out like an irritating eye lash.

Chief Suarez (dragging Frida): No excuses! Back to school with you! When we get back home, we're going to have another serious talk, and I'm putting you to feed the dogs again for a whole week.

Frida (whine): Wha-ha-ha-hah, no, anything but that. I can still feel the bite marks on my head from last time.

White Pantera: I can thank you enough for lending us your assistance. Seems like you almost knew what we're doing.

Kyubi Kamen: No thanks  are necessary. Fighting alongside you and El Tigre was rewarding enough. I hope someday, I'll be El Tigre's partner and fight crime together.

El Tigre: Meh, I'll think about it.

Chief Suarez: Oh, and another thing, Kyubi Kamen, I also like to warn you…
As soon as he turned around, the mysterious fox boy disappeared.

Chief Suarez: Desaparecio?

  But then a whistle can be heard and they looked up, and there he was, standing a top another rooftop.

Kyubi Kamen: Gomene, kyokai! I dislike being lectured, so I must take my leave. When living a life of justice, time waits for no man. Jané!

Chief Suarez: I'll be watching you! Let's go, mija.

Frida (waves goodbye): Adios, El Tigre. <*sniff*><*swoop*>

White Pantera: I tell you, mijo, that Kyubi Kamen is one very unlikely hero, and cheerful too. Why don't you be more like him?

El Tigre: Me, be like him? Nah! I would be caught dead going out like some masked rider poser. Besides, he shows off too much. But still…

White Pantera and El Tigre then left the Flea Market Festival.

El Tigre: I can't help but wonder that Kyubi guy seem familiar. But I can't put my finger on it.

  Who is this masked ninja? It could be anyone, maybe even Stinky Ramirez. But all it matters, Miracle City has a new teen superhero, but will El Tigre take the competition? An unlikely rivalry is growing.

  On the next El Tigre: Twin Warrior Chronicles, as Manny gets more acquainted having JT around, he gets even more jealous of Kyubi Kamen stealing his thunder, as the foxy ninja invites himself to helping El Tigre, even if he doesn't need Kyubi Kamen's help. Until Sartana of Dead returned, messing with El Tigre's mind, invoking him to fight Kyubi Kamen to see who's the best. Who will be the victor, or is it just another scheme by Sartana to get rid of both of them? Find out next time in El Tigre: Twin Warrior Chronicles, Chapter 3: El Tigre VS Kyubi Kamen? A rivalry among friends.

Author's note:
  Wow, this chapter is even more thrilling than the first, all thanks to watching the last episode of the show. <*sniff*> Why must a show this awesome have to end so prematurely, Just like the ones before them; Danny Phantom, Camp Lazlo, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, and My Life as a Teenage Robot. But there was a bright side to all this, it inspired me even more for my fic series, for the timeline, the ET: TWC series explains what happens after the last episode, setting to new adventures, characters, and maybe even crossovers, not to mention developing new love lives, and for the fans, more MannyxFrida. I'm sure to think up even more action on the next chapter.

It's Chapter 2 of my ET fic series, El Tigre: Twin Warrior Chronicles.

"Kyubi's Kamen to Town"

With the Flock of Fury trashing Miracle City's Annual Flea Market, El Tigre and White Pantera are on the move to save the day. But suddenly, they were overpowered by their rage over their utter defeat from "No Belt, No Boots, No brero". All hope was lost, until Kyubi Kamen makes his first appearance to Miracle City.

Cover art drawn by :iconthe-galen:
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